Protect yourself from Pigmentation this Summer

The effects of sun damage are well known: uneven texture, discolouration, fine lines and premature ageing to name a few. That’s why is so important to wear sunscreen everyday. But Not All Sunscreens Are Created Equal!

In the skin care world, there is an on-going debate about chemical vs. physical sunscreens. But which is better? Let’s settle it once and for all.

Chemical sunscreen works by absorbing (and sometimes scattering) UV rays. Physical sunscreen reflects UV rays off the skin.

Chemical sunscreens are easier to get your hands on. It’s the type you usually buy at the chemist.  BUT the chemical filters in chemical sunscreens can irritate your skin, trigger pigmentation and cause free radical damage (which speeds up the ageing process).

Physical sunscreen is stronger, more natural and a better bodyguard against sun damage and pigmentation. Physical protection also lasts all day (unless you sweat) meaning you can bypass messy midday reapplication.

That’s why at our skin care clinic we always recommend physical sunscreens to our patients. Try Lilly’s favourite CosMedix Reflect Antioxidant Moisturising Spray for high-level sun protection but a light-weight feel.

Why we love it

“It’s the perfect companion to your skin care routine. Light-weight enough to layer over your moisturiser or serum without making you look greasy! It’ll nourish your skin and give it day-long protection” – Lilly