Can treat multiple concern simultaneously


Fotona is the most advanced multi-application aesthetic laser system available. It combines complementary wavelengths to induce multiple laser-tissue interactions, which dramatically improves treatment outcomes and results.

Benefits of Fotona Laser

High-precision, tissue-selective treatments

Can treat multiple concerns simultaneously

Less invasive treatments and shorter downtime

Can produce noticeable, long-lasting results

Fotona Acne

Can be used in the treatment of:

Active acne & congestion

Fotona Acne can provide rapid results and may be a long-term solution for acne sufferers. It uses photo-selective absorption and controlled heating to target overactive sebaceous glands (which cause acne) and aims to reduce acne inflammation. Aims to treat active acne while aiming to reduce the risk of developing new acne.

Fotona Acne can accelerate the healing process and can stimulate collagen remodelling, which is an essential step in the long-term management of acne.

Fotona Vascular

Can be used in the treatment of:

Vascular damage, rosacea, visible capillaries, redness and papules

Fotona Vascular uses targeted thermal energy to penetrate deep into the skin to reach deep-lying facial veins and aim to repair vascular damage. In comparison to other lasers, which often treat only surface level lesions, Fotona Vascular can target the underlying vascular feeding system. This is critical to ensure results.

Fotona Q-Switch Colour Correction

Can be used in the treatment of:

Pigmentation, sun damage, age spots and uneven skin tone and texture

Fotona Q-Switch Colour Correction uses multi-wavelength, short-pulse technology as a non-invasive approach to treating pigmentation and unevenness. Unlike ablative lasers, Fotona Q-Switch aims to target pigment and destroy pigmentation without damaging surrounding tissues. Fotona Q-Switch can offer a safer, less invasive treatment with a shorter downtime.

Depth control enables our laser to target both superficial and epidermal pigmentation, providing a greater clearance of pigmentation which can provide more even results.

Conditions treated

Fine lines & wrinkles

Active acne

Spider veins


Sun damage

Age Spots

Fine lines & wrinkles

Uneven tone & texture


Results may vary from patient to patient.


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