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The potent, fast acting benefits of Trichloracetic Acid, exfoliate the skin at a dermal level. TCA peels are a very popular and powerful skin resurfacing treatment. This treatment can address many extreme cases of photo-ageing skin such a pigmentation, fine line and wrinkles, enlarged pores and thickening of the skin. It is also used to treat acne scarring.

The stimulation of fibroblast activity, and in turn new collagen production, takes time. Meaning that results will continue to improve for 6-12 months after treatment/s.

TCA Peels can treat the following


Fine lines and wrinkles

Uneven skin tone and texture

Enlarged pores

Thickened, oily skin

Acne scarring


Clinical peels are generally superficial to medium depth treatment, with not a lot of downtime. At Avenue Advanced Skin Care our clinical peels are performed by a Dermal Clinicians and usually consist of ingredients such as Lactic Acid, Salicyclic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and Vitamin A. Our clinical strength skin peels are results-oriented corrective treatments that are far superior to any spa facial in terms of visible results. Most of our clinical peels can be performed 2-4 weeks apart, and for best results should be performed in a course of approximately 6 treatments.

A TCA peel is a medium to deep treatment, targeting the dermal level of the skin. Because of the nature of the deep exfoliation, clients will experience 7-10 days downtime after the treatment. At Avenue Advanced Skin Care our TCA peel is performed by respected Melbourne plastic surgeon Mr Allan Kalus and consists of a 20% formulation of Trichloracetic Acid. TCA peels address cases of intense premature ageing and deep acne scarring very effectively. Significant improvement can be seen after 1 treatment, however for very problematic skin a course of 2-4 TCA peels may be recommended over a year. The growth of new collagen can take time, meaning that results will continue to improve for 6-12 months after treatment/s.

Your cosmetic NP Jane will take your through an appropriate skin care plan to prepare your skin for the TCA peel, to unsure uniform penetration of the peel and accelerated healing. Cosmeceutical ingredients such as Vitamins A, B and C will optimise skin health and in turn maximise results and minimise risk of adverse reactions after the treatment.

We require all clients to comply with absolute sun protection pre-peel to prevent complications from the treatment, such as hyper or hypo-pigmentation.

You will be required to complete a confidential consultation form to outline your general health and suitability for this treatment. Please inform us of any medications you are taking, or if you are affected by any of the following conditions;

  • History of cold sores
  • Facial warts
  • Recent cosmetic surgery, anti-wrinkle injections, dermal filler or other skin treatments
  • History of keloid scar formation
  • Pregnancy or breast feeding
  • Previous use of Roaccutane
  • Recent sun exposure
  • Skin cancer
  • History if pigmentation problems (hyper/hypo-pigmentation)

After the skin is thoroughly cleansed, the TCA peel solution will be applied to the skin with a gauze. Sometimes multiple layers of the peel may need to be applied for adequate penetration. We are wanting to achieve an “end point” of even white frosting on the skin. The main sensation during the peel is intense heat, which will last for approximately 10-20 minutes. A Zimmer cooling device will be used during the treatment to blow cold air onto the skin to minimise discomfort.

After having a TCA peel, you will have considerable downtime (usually 7-10 days). Initially your skin will be inflamed, red, swollen and hot. This stage usually lasts 2 days. On days 3-7 your skin will feel tight, dry, itchy and start shedding. It is extremely important to not force the process of skin shedding. The final stage is when the skin starts to remodel collagen in the dermis. During this time your skin will look clearer and the texture and tone of the skin will have improved. Over time the growth of new collagen will improve wrinkles and scarring.

  • It is essential that you only use the post treatment skin care recommended to you
  • Do not use any exfoliating skin care products for at least 3 weeks (or until otherwise advised)
  • Do not colour your hair for 2 week post TCA peel
  • Do not have any other skin treatments or facial hair removal for 4 weeks post TCA peel
  • Do not peel, scratch, pick or rub the skin. The itching is a normal part of the healing process.
  • You must avoid UV exposure post TCA peel
  • Do not use any tanning solutions for at least 2 weeks post TCA peel
  • Avoid Chlorinated pools, steam rooms, saunas or vigorous exercise for at least 4 days post TCA peel

The deeper the TCA peel or the more layers applied, the longer your skin will take to recover. Some people will heal more quickly than others – age, general health, skin type, how well the skin is prepped on cosmeceutical products will all impact on your recovery time. Expect downtime of approximately 7-10 days post TCA peel treatment.

  • Women who are pregnant or breast feeding
  • People who have recently used Roaccutane medication
  • People who are not sun exposure compliant
  • People with darker skin types
  • People with low pain thresholds
  • People in poor health

Depending on the condition/s being addressed and the desired outcome, we usually recommend a course of 2-4 peels. You will notice improvement in your skin even after 1 TCA peel, but for best results we generally recommend more than 1 treatment.

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