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Peels are clinical strength results-oriented corrective treatments and are far superior to a standard facial in terms of truly visible results, and long term durability.

The goal of any peel is to remove the skin’s outer layer of dead cells to produce a healthier, stronger skin underneath. When performed by one of our highly experienced dermal therapists, a course of peels alongside a prescribed home-care regime, can be extremely effective at treating a multitude of skin conditions.

Peels can vary in intensity, from very superficial to deep epidermal exfoliation. Your specific skin concerns, along with you dermal clinicians assessment will help establish the most effective solution for you.

Clinical Peels can treat the following


Acne scarring

Oily skin


Enlarged pores

Dehydrated and dull skin

Fine lines and wrinkles

Uneven tone or texture


We offer a wide range of Clinical Peels

Our peels are designed to promote change deep within the skin to maximise results and minimise downtime. We offer a complete range of cosmeceutical skin peels to specifically target your complexion concerns;

Lactic Acid Peel’s

Salicylic Acid Peel’s

Enzyme Peel’s

Vitamin A Infusions

Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) Peel’s

Depigmentation Peel’s

Results of Clinical Peel

Results may vary from patient to patient.


A clinical peel will take less than 20 minutes to perform. Your Dermal Clinician will cleanse the area to be treated, and then prepare the skin for the peel by applying a solution to clean away any oil on the skin. Removing excess oil ensures an even and deep penetration of the peel itself. Your Dermal Clinician will then apply the correct peel to meet your skin’s requirements, and leave the peel on the skin for the appropriate amount of time. Serums will be applied to the skin after the peel has been removed, to sooth any heat or redness from the skin. Finally a sunscreen will be applied to protect the skin from UV damage when you leave the clinic.

Your Dermal Clinician will talk to you throughout the treatment, and ask you to give verbal feedback to manage your comfort levels. Most clients will feel tingling, warmth or prickling from the peels – so peels may feel different to others.

Immediately after the treatment your skin may appear flushed and feel warm. This may last a few hours. In the days following a superficial peel treatment your skin will look hydrated, fresh and glowing. In the days following a medium depth peel treatment you may experience some skin flaking or dryness, before the skin settles to look fresh and clear. With either superficial or medium depth peels, it is normal to experience breakouts post peel, because of the resurfacing nature of this treatment.

Depending on the type of peel, your treatments might be performed 2-6 weeks apart. At Avenue Advanced Skin Care we always recommend you have a course of peel treatments for best results.

Before your treatment a Dermal Clinician will check the health of your skin. If your skin function is impaired, you will not be able to have a peel treatment on the day. An at home skin care routine that includes cosmeceutical products, will help to strengthen the health of the skin – to ensure maximum results from your peels and minimise downtime.

It is best to avoid the following before your treatment:

  • No sun exposure or solarium for 2-4 weeks prior
  • No waxing, electrolysis or depilatory creams in the treatment area for 2 weeks prior
  • No injectable treatments 2-4 weeks prior
  • No other skin treatments for 2-4 weeks prior
  • People who are prone to coldsores MUST take anti-viral medication 2-3 days prior to treatment
  • Women during pregnancy or breastfeeding can only have the following peel treatments (Cosmedix Pomegrante Peel, Cosmedix Blueberry Peel, Aspect Dr 20% Lactobotanical Peel)
  • People who are prone to coldsores MUST take anti-viral medication 2-3 days prior to treatment
  • People that have had recent sun or solarium exposure
  • People that have recently had other treatments to the area (such as injectables, microdermabrasion, laser, waxing, electrolysis and depilatory cream)
  • People on certain medications (such as Roaccutane)
  • People with impaired skin barrier function

Generally, the deeper the peel the more risk for complications. Superficial and medium depth peels are safe and effective treatments with very little downtime.

The following risks can be avoided by strictly adhering pre and post peel advice given. It is also highly important that you chose to have your peel treatments with highly qualified and experienced Dermal Clinicians. At Avenue Advanced Skin Care, our team of fully qualified Dermal Clinicians and Nurse Injectors offer an un-paralleled level of care under the supervision of respected plastic surgeon Mr Allan Kalus.

Potential risks may include discomfort, redness, swelling, blanching, allergic reactions, hyper/hypo-pigmentation, skin peeling/flaking, folliculitis/acne, herpes simplex (coldsore) reoccurrence, bacterial or fungal infection, and scarring.

  • Avoid sun and solarium exposure for 2-4 weeks post treatment (must wear high SPF sunscreen at all times outside and wear a hat, sunglasses, protective clothing and seek shade when possible)
  • Avoid swimming activities, exercise, saunas, steam rooms or any activity that could heat the skin for 2-3 days post treatment
  • Avoid hair dye and other chemicals for 1-2 weeks post treatment
  • Do not have any other skin treatments for 2-4 weeks post treatment such as microdermabrasion, laser, skin needling etc.
  • No do pick, scratch or exfoliate the skin if it is flaking. This is very important that this process of shedding occurs naturally to avoid an adverse reaction from occurring.
  • Avoid at home products that contain vitamin A, AHA’s (alpha hydroxyl acids), BHA’s (beta hydroxyl acids) for 5-7 days post treatment
  • Only use approved products at home on the skin as recommended by your Dermal Clinician

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