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Depigmentation peels are highly effective treatments to reduce hormonal pigmentation such as melasma and chloasma, improve skin quality and even skin tone.

At Avenue Advanced Skincare we offer both Cosmelan and Dermamelan depigmentation peels. Both of these treatments aim to reduce and eliminate hormonal pigmentation.

Depigmentation Peels can treat the following

Melasma is a skin condition which usually effects woman who are on the contraceptive pill. This type of pigmentation will appear as darker patches across the forehead, upper lip and sides of the face and usually worsens when the skin is exposed to the sun or heat.

Chloasma is a hormonal condition caused by excessive melanin production during pregnancy and will appear as a mask across the face. It also will worsen when exposed to the sun, however it does usually resolve itself post pregnancy.

What are Depigmentation Peels?

The goal of any peel is to remove the skin’s outer layer to produce a healthier, more even complexion. When depigmentation peels are performed by one of our highly experienced Dermal Clinicians, in conjunction with a prescribed home regime this can be a highly effective way of treating stubborn hormonal pigment.

How do Depigmentation Peels work?

Depigmentation peels work to inhibit melanin production and encourage skin shedding leaving a more even tone and improved skin quality and texture.


In clinic treatment application is fairly quick however, you will need to leave the peel on for up to eight hours so it is advised to do treatment on a day where you can go straight home.

This is a once off treatment, however on some occasions we will need to reapply the peel to certain areas at your two to four week follow up appointment. It is also required to be applying the take home cream for a minimum of three month post treatment.

This treatment is applied to the entire face

A consultation in clinic is required as you will experience some down time with these treatments including sensitivity, skin shedding and possible swelling.

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