Skin Solutions For Men

As a modern man, you understand that your skin (especially your face) announces your health, age and vitality to everyone you meet. To feel confident and present the best version of yourself, it pays to invest in your internal health and furthermore the health of your skin.

At Avenue Advanced Skin Care we understand that men’s skin and skin concerns can be quite different to women’s. We understand that men’s skin care is about enhancing self-confidence, and offer low fuss solutions which offer real results. (maybe not right words, but you get the gist)


Guys – do you work in an office or outside? Do you spend a lot of time in the sun? Your work environment, hobbies and general lifestyle habits will all impact your skin. The products you use on your skin everyday matter. We believe less is more and therefore offer personalised consultations to to ensure your skincare products are right for the health of your specific skin.

Not all skincare is created equal. Cosmetic skin care (found in pharmacies, retail stores, department stores, supermarkets and spa/beauty clinics) is not able to deliver change in your skin. Unfortunately higher cost doesn’t necessarily mean better skin care. The ingredients in these products are generally not active, and because of in-effective delivery systems, are not able to penetrate the skin at a cellular level. Meaning these products can only maintain your skin at its current condition.

Enter cosmeceutical skin care!

Cosmeceutical skin care is formulated to include chirally-correct (is this the right word?) active ingredients, without the inclusion of irritants, toxic or harmful ingredients. The complex delivery systems in cosmeceutical products are clinical proven to penetrate the skin, and address your skin concerns at a cellular level.

Skin treatments

Men tend to have thicker, more oily skin than women. You are generally more prone to acne, acne scarring and enlarged pores. After careful assessment and consultation with our Dermal Clinicians, we tailor treatment to address each man’s specific concerns.

DermaSweep microdermabrasion is a very popular treatment amongst the male clients at Avenue Advanced Skin Care. Just like traditional microdermabrasion treatment, DermaSweep resurfaces the top most layer of dry, dead skin, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. However, unlike traditional microdermabrasion, DermaSweep doesn’t stop there. An enzyme or peel treatment then provides the skin with a boost of anti-ageing anti-oxidants and to finish off, a tailored infusion is applied to the skin to target specific skin concerns – with ingredients such as Growth Factors, Peptides, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. Find out more about DermaSweep Microdermabrasion here.

Hair removal treatments

If you are still having painful waxing treatments – please stop! There is now a more cost effective and long-term solution for your unwanted hair (face or body) or ingrown hairs. We offer the choice between medical grade hair removal technologies – IPL and Laser Hair Removal. Treatments are customised to your individual skin colour, hair and sensitivity to ensure optimum results. Common treatment areas for men include; back, chest, upper arms, back of neck, shoulders, cheeks, earlobes and between the eyebrows.

Injectable treatments

Cosmetic procedures are becoming more popular amongst men. A master of facial aesthetics and symmetry, our Nurse Injector works to create a natural-but-improved appearance for clients. Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers are an effective way men can reduce facial lines and rejuvenate their facial features.

Wrinkle reduction treatments are commonly performed on areas around the eyes, the frown line between the eyebrows and worry lines across the forehead. Whereas Dermal Filler treatments are used to treat areas that need volume or shape correction such as eye bags, filling acne scars or enhancing a masculine feature eg. Chin. The non-surgical rhinoplasty is something our Nurse Injector is highly experienced in performing, and is an excellent solution for modest concerns with the shape of the nose.

If you have any further questions, book in for a consultation with us today on (03) 9521 5533.