Interview with Dr Maria

Dr Maria Rachinskaya is a General Practitioner and Cosmetic Physician. She has over 20 years of general practice experience, focusing on her passion for results driven cosmetic treatments which enhance not only her patient’s outer beauty but also boost their sense of self-esteem and confidence.

Dr Maria is the winner of the 2017 Victorian Rural Health Association Award and has comprehensive hands-on experience in facial anatomy, science and mechanics of all fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and non-surgical facelift options represented by Australia’s leading cosmetic companies.

She is constantly in search for the best and latest treatments, which continue to exceed her patient’s expectations.

Here Dr Maria answers all of your questions on cosmetic procedures, general practice and all things skin.

What sparked your interest in skin and cosmetic procedures in particular?

I believe that as our eyes are a reflection of our soul, our appearance and skin complexion is a reflection of our inner health and satisfaction with life.  Our appearance affects our inner balance and vice versa.  I wanted to use my combination of medical knowledge and aesthetic practice skills help my patients to look fresher and rested – it boosts their energy and benefits their physical and emotional well being.


How did you first start dealing in injectables?

Back in my home country a few decades ago, as part of my postgraduate training I did residency in neurology. This was when doctors started using muscle relaxants for  treatment of medical conditions, such as contractures, muscular spasms, muscle twitching and others. It was a well known fact that a paralysed or weakened side of the face in patients who suffered a stroke, looks younger and less wrinkled compare to the healthy side.  This is when it all started – that is, trials and experiments with the toxin to slow down wrinkling. It is interesting that at that time, for  general public botulinum toxin represented a weapon of mass killing used in case of a war.

Many years later, my interest in aesthetic medicine resurrected again – when already working in general practice I decided to undertake comprehensive training in cosmetic injectables with Australasian College of Cosmetic surgery, being trained in all brands approved for use in Australia.


What do you think it is about your approach that sets you apart from other cosmetic physicians?

Firstly, I invest my time into learning new things and being up to date with aesthetic medicine advances.  Today, the combination of skin treatments have become standard practice.  One is not able to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome after just one session of anti wrinkle injections, so I try to help my patients to set up goals based on realistic expectations. Promise less, deliver more.

Secondly, I invest time in patients’ education. I constantly get patients remarks on how their understanding of the aging process and cosmetic treatments has changed after the consultation. An informed patient is a more confident, happy patient. Knowledge and understanding makes it easier to make informed decisions and understand short and long term goals in order to achieve meaningful and lasting aesthetic result.


Which skin issues do you see most often in clinic?

In Australia, our biggest skin issue is sun damage. Skin pigmentation, premature wrinkling , excessive amount of moles and rough skin areas (keratoses) are primary concerns.  I know what skin cancers are. Farmers in rural Victoria manage to grow a lot of them. So, I couldn’t be any more convinced in that prevention is the best cure. Use SPF 50 sunscreen, or even higher! Don’t forget to repeat a few times a day please.

My training in diagnosis of skin cancer and other skin disorders is just a daily used skill.

At Avenue Advanced Skin Care we make sure that laser treatments are performed only after the skin has been checked for any suspicious moles

Acne is another common presentation – fortunately, we now have a variety of effective treatments.


Which treatments do you perform most regularly?

The muscle relaxants are number one in popularity of course. But “chasing lines” is not my priority. I am a big fan of panfacial rejuvenation which extends to the whole face and involves multiple treatment modalities – skin care, muscle relaxants, fillers , threads, fat dissolving treatments and use of energy devices (laser, IPL, etc). I personally love skin boosters and PRP treatments .


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Treat people as you would want to be treated.


Any commonly believed cosmetic myths you hear from clients?

That they can get an ever-lasting fix of all problems of aging after investing into a single 1ml syringe of the filler.


Which are your three can’t-live-without products and why?

Good quality cleanser, moisturiser and SPF 50 sunscreen.


If you could recommend just one product to every woman, what would it be?

A high quality moisturiser – preferably with SPF!


Do you take any skin-boosting supplements?

Collagen peptides.


What’s your favorite energy-boosting trick?

You can’t go past sleep – even a quick nap. Hydration and fresh air. “Me” time.


What would you consider your career highlight to date?

Victorian Rural General Practice Award in 2017 – the acknowledgment of years of hard work, studying and involvement into the community.