Break-up with Bad Skin

Kick these skin care faux-pas for gorgeous skin

1. Wearing make-up to bed

Sleeping in make-up clogs your pores, causing breakouts, blackheads and irritation. Double cleanse at night and let your skin breathe.

2. Popping and picking pimples

It spreads bacteria, leading to more pimples. Leave the extractions to the experts and try one of our acne-fighting treatments.

3. Thinking you’re too young for eye cream

Dynamic movements like smiling and blinking cause line fines to form before you can say hippopotamus! Slow the ageing process by using a light-weight eye cream morning and night.

4. Only applying sunscreen on sunny days

UV radiation causes harms and ages your skin even on cold and cloudy days. Kick this habit to prevent years of sun damage.